Sunday, October 4, 2009

'Stephen Hawking Is Making His Comeback'

This article journeyed through the life and career of Stephen Hawking and it thoroughly showcased the amazing accomplishments that he gained even while suffering from a crippling disease. The different headings within the article captivated me because I saw it as different time periods in Hawkings's own life and that forced me to read on because they were so unique and informative. The type of science that Hawking's focuses on does not really intrigue me but the way the article interfused his illness with his career was impressive.

Lede: The lede did not impress me at all. I found it to be boring and much too long. It would have been better if the author condensed some facts that would have created a better flow into the second paragraph. It was the second paragrapgh and third that got me into the story. I would give this lede 14 out of 20.

Content: This article was crammed with information and what astonished me was that everything seemed relevant to the story. 20 out of 20.

Organization: Like I stated above I love the different headings in the article. It just made it easier to understand when reading and gave it a better structure. 20 out 0f 20.

Quality of Writing: This confused me somewhat because it seemed that the style changed throughout the aricle. At some points in the story I was fully engrossed in what was being stated and then at other points I was drifting off while still reading. 17 out of 20

Clarity of Expression: I understood mostly everthing that was written and this shocked me because I don't consider myself that well informed about science terminology and culture. A few things did perplex me but I was still able to formulate some idea of what was being said. 17 out of 20.

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