Friday, September 4, 2009

2nd Blog Entry

Is sleep really necessary? This is a question that is plaguing many scientists. Some scientists see it as " the biggest mistake that nature has made" and " seems so maladaptive." As a person who loves to sleep I believe that the reason we sleep is so our bodies can feel replenished, and we are not sluggish during the day. However, this does not explain why all humans don't need the same amount of sleep. Why are some people good with just four hours a night while others , like myself, need at least 10 hours to feel like I got a good nights rest.

This article intrigued me because it made me think about an action in which thinking is the last thing you want to do. It was extensive and gave many different theories as to why we need sleep. It also showcased how scientists can't explain why sleeping patterns can change over time.

This article forced me to question something that for me always existed, and I thought was just something people did. It is these types of articles that are the most impressive beacause they put the reader against their norms and therefore there will always be interest.

The science of sleep I don't think will ever be discovered or understood for the simple reason that it should not be understood. It is just something that will always be there.

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