Sunday, November 22, 2009

'Field Notes' Chapters 5+6

The beginning of chapter 5 was definately a surprise. I felt like I was reading a history text as opposed to a book that is suppose to inform me about global warming and the effect it has on the earth presently. I understood the idea that Kolbert had in her mind about the comparison between climate change hundreds of years ago to today, but I think it would have been more effective if she did not go so in depth with describing basically the whole life on this King. It seemed so irrelevant to inform the audience that as a baby he was discovered and compared him to Moses.

I enjoyed the illustrations that Kolbert used because with topics like this I believe it is more effective to give readers something to look at instead of words all the time. Something that I have noted about Kolbert's writing style is that some of the words she uses to describe things seem childish and are not effective as she would like it to be.

What I like about chapter 6 is that Kolbert talks about the ads in Netherlands to enforce her point and it is effective because the description is short and straight to the point which was lacking in the previous chapter. I also liked the length of chapter 6 because sometimes long chapters, on oftentimes boring topics, can hinder a reader's interpretationa and intake of the material.

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  1. In class, can you give some examples of words you think are childish & ineffective?