Sunday, November 29, 2009

'Field Notes' Chapters 7+8

Chapter 7 is the first chapter to give me exactly what I expected from this book since I began reading it. The sentences were short and to the point and explained everything that was highlighted so that the reader could understand. The author still had her flair but it wasn't to the level where it distracted me from the topic that she was discussing in this chapter which was CO2 emission.

Her writing style in this chapter made me believe that this particular aspect of global warming was one that she was deeply concerned. I just enjoyed this chapter because I felt that there was nothing that was unnecessary in it.

Chapter 8, thought not as straightforward as chapter 7, was still very informative. From reading these two chapters it seems as though Kolbert is changing her writing style as the book develops. It is moving from seeminly being carefree and flimsy with her so-called jokes to presenting serious information in a serious matter which I think is the best way to convey a book about this topic.

That being said I still believe that the reader can sense the tone of the book and the writer's opinions about the topic but in these chapters she seems to present the information without allowing her personal view come out too much. If these chapters are any indication of how the book will progress then I think that the up coming chapters will be very good.

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  1. Nick, good to read that you finally found something to like in the book. I will be curious to see how you like the rest of the book.