Sunday, November 8, 2009

Evidence to support Global Warming in chapter 2+3 of 'Field Notes'

The evidence that is put forth in 'Field Notes' to support global warming is extensive and strong as it is the role of the author to provide information that will showcase the 'truth' behind the theory. In chapter 2 when the author discusses the Irish physicist John Tyndall and his usage of a radio spectrophotometer which allowed him 'to compare the way different gases absorb and transmit radiation.' These tests with varying gases resulted in modern term of 'natural greenhouse effect.'

The author then when into the description of the effect that these greenhouse gases can have on the earth and its atmosphere. I liked the authors flow into how the research of Tyndall created an opening for the Swedish chemist Svante Arrhenius. It allowed the reader to also see how science is something that develops over time and that one of its key characteristics is change.

Arrhenius brought about the notion that industrialization and climate change go hand in hand. Chapter 3 focuses more on the issues of recognizing global warming.

One of the doubts that I still have about this issue is whether the effects are not simply a gradual change that is occuring naturally?

The writing style has definately improved from the opening chapter. The author gets more thorough with her description and provides all the possible information that she can while still remaining to have her own flair.

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  1. Nick, glad you like these chapters better than the first.