Sunday, November 1, 2009

Field Notes

The first observation that got my attention was the fact that the book began in a very unorthodox manner more so as it is dealing with the supposedly serious issue of global warming. The beginning seems to characterize a book that can be classified as a fiction novel. I guess this can be a clever tactic in drawing in readers on a topic that they might not normally be interested in.

Personally I know a lot of people might like the fact that the writing style is so simple and easy to understand, but I would have preferred a more informative and thorough explanation of different terms and 'lingo' used for global warming. I think when you are trying to educate an audience you need to write a little more formal if you want the knowledge to stick in their minds.

The tone of the first few pages was so easy to pick up and this turned me off because I think it should be neutral unless she simply wants the audience to get the story as she sees it.

The pictures were a good addition because it can often explain things that words can't.

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