Sunday, November 15, 2009

'Field Notes' Chapter 4

As I read on through the chapters in the book I am noticing that Kolbert is becoming more direct in presenting her information, and she is seemingly loosing the flair that attracted readers in the beginning of the book.

I actually thought the information that she presented to be pertinent to the subject of global warming, but the way in which she presented it was for lack of a better word boring. She tried to personalize it with her cute, little descriptions of the people she spoke with but after the first couple of chapters that trait had completely lost its initial effect.

Another thing that bothered me with the writing was that some of the sentences were too long. This had me confused as to what Kolbert was trying to say, and I found myself having to go back up the page to read again on more that one occasion.

What I did like about this chapter was that she focused on a few examples but really delved into explaining what was taking place with these creatures. I think this was very effective, and it allowed me to really see the extent to which global warming is having an effect.

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  1. Nick, how would you have made the material less boring? That's something to think about & discuss in class.